ZNationals 2013 Thanks to Russell, Shanna and the entire ZNationals team!


What a Z event! Exquisite Z-cars, interesting and friendly people, and serious Hotness walking among us! If it was a Z-or a G with massive doses of HP, an unbelievable body kit, or Carbon Fiber beyond belief-it was there! From bone stock 240Zs to the latest 370Z Modded with a Supercharger, and carbon fiber out the wazoo, it was there! If you were looking for insanely hot females, they were there too, and thew knew exactly how to make guys nervous…with just a single look…Have Mercy!

On a more somber note, Nishant also had an adventure of the horny lost truck tire kind…a tire carcass tried to mate with his 350Z creating moderate visible damage and insane damage beneath it! I’ll add pics to the events forum!

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