Coastal Z Club Next meeting 02/18/14

Our next meeting will be on 2/18/14 at 6:30 at Cary Hilliards on Abercorn across from Home Depot/Lowes

ZDayz is rapidly approaching, a little over 90 days out-that may sound like you have plenty of time, but the fact is that the Fontana Village Resort sells out quickly, and if you don’t get on it you may have to stay somewhere else-and miss the Z immersion of being on-site with unlimited access to the all things Z and Nissan! Zdayz has the best driving experience you are likely to find(if you know the secrets of timing) and Nissan brings thing to ZDayz that they share at no other Z events…Vendors bring their latest offerings and and show off their latest tech…with A technology filled Drag session starting off Thursday(ask Rick), a Drop Top CruiZe kicking off Friday Morning(no convertible required), a Car Show on Saturday, and door prizes, and raffles through out the weekend, there is something to keep you entertained! Did I mention 318 curves in 11 miles with serious elevation changes…talk about pumping your veins full of the Highest Octane Automotive Adrenalin, and getting into that target heart rate! If you can’t find Z entertainment here you might as well trade in the Z and pickup a YUGO! You have just over three months to get your Z ready, for serious driving, the car show, or just showing off! If you are serious about enjoying your Z, don’t miss ZDayz!  PS, Coastal Z Club is hosting the Trivia Contest again, so get together a team of up to 8 people(no outside or electronic help) and come show off your knowledge of all things Z! I will be keeping all the questions private until the contest, so feel free to get a team (up to 8 people) and give it a shot!

For more info or to register, please visit

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